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Let us know when you would like for one of our counselors to go over our FREE "Gift of Love" Memorial Guide with you and your family. And should you need to have us go over our funeral services packages, please do not hesitate in calling us.

Osvaldo G. Cardoza



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...from someone completing a "  Gift of Love"  Memorial Guide

To My Loved Ones

It is my desire that you be spared from any anxiety, expense and inconvenience at the time of my death.


In this Gift of Love Memorial Guide, you will find information I have recorded and a plan which represents arrangements I have made in advance, hoping to relieve you of the burden of these decisions at the time of need. If you give this booklet to a Funeral Director, everything will be conducted in accordance with my wishes.


Also recorded here are certain vital statistics that will be needed, along with a list of important documents you will need.


I certainly hope you find these arrangements satisfactory and that they will help you retain a warm memory of the wonderful years we have spent together.

               Love and God Bless You,

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