The State of Texas has developed a website to help you make informed decisions concerning the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits at:

The Texas Funeral Service Commission
The agency’s mission can be stated as follows:
“To protect the public from deceptive practices by gaining compliance with the laws of the State of Texas and rules of the Commission through a process of impartial enforcement, inspection and education to insure that the final disposition of every citizen is conducted at the highest level of professional standards and ethical conduct.”
This mission statement stresses the agency’s directive to protect the public from unethical or deceptive funeral and death care practices, and from unqualified or unprofessional death care personnel to include cemeteries and crematories.

Disciplinary actions since September 2006 can be viewed at: Disciplinary Actions

As a Veteran or Veteran's spouse, find out what you may be entitled to at this Veterans Link.

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