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We, at CARDOZA Funeral Home, are here to answer your questions on how to prepare for a funeral of a loved one.

Let start with this checklist…

1)      Who to notify...

a.       Doctor, coroner, nurse-on-duty

b.      Funeral director  to start the grieving process and funeral services

c.       Cemetery or Memorial Park representative

d.      Minister or clergy for church services

e.       All relatives and friends

f.       Employers, school administrators for mourners who will attend funeral

g.       Wake participants, including Rosary Group, singers, eulogy readers

h.      Insurance agents

i.        Pallbearers

j.        Union and fraternal organizations, including Veterans Groups

k.      Newspapers for announcements and obituaries

l.        Attorneys or Executor of Estate 

2)      What decisions do you have to make...

a.       Funeral Home and Services

b.      Cemetery/Mausoleum

c.       Casket

d.      Vault or Outer Container

e.       Memorial or Monument

f.       Information for Obituary

g.       Time and Place of Services

h.      Transportation

i.        Clothing, flowers, music, food, pictures

3)      What information is needed and to whom...

a.       Provide vital statistics about the Deceased

b.      Prepare and sign necessary papers

c.       Meeting and talking with everyone about all details

d.      Answering phone calls, messages and letters

e.       Provide contact information for those that need to be notified

f.       Greet friends and relative

g.       Provide or refer lodging for out-of-town guests

h.      Prepare home for visit

i.        Plan funeral car lists

4)      Who and what services do you need to pay for...

a.       Doctors and nurses

b.      Hospital, hospice or nursing homes

c.       Medicine and drugs

d.      Funeral Home

e.       Cemetery lot

f.       Minister or clergy

g.       Music, including Mariachi

h.      Florist

i.        Clothing

j.        Transportation

k.      Food

l.        Memorial or Monument

m.    Memorial DVDs

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