Cremation in the RGV

   Cremation in the Rio Grande Valley is on the rise as more families consider cremation for their deceased loved one. Although cremation was frowned upon by many religions in the past, it is now being more acceptable. For a history of cremation go to: (click here)
   Cremations occur at local crematories but must be initiated by a funeral home or a crematory at a cemetery. The advantage of selecting a funeral home for cremation is based on the services, such as memorial celebrations, not readily available at crematories.

   At CARDOZA Funeral Home, approximately 20% of our families have chosen cremation with some sort of memorial service. Our memorial services provide family members and friends with a chance to remember the life story of the deceased and it also starts the healing process. The memorial can be simple or elaborate depending on the families’ desire. We offer the same services for cremation as in a traditional funeral because we do not believe cremation is an inferior alternative. Either way, we honor the families requests.

   Some families prefer cremation because of family tradition, cost savings, environmental reasons, or they may believe it is the simplest choice. Regardless of the reason, rest assured that at CARDOZA Funeral Home you will always be treated with the same respect and dignity you deserve at your time of need. 


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